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Why Cpac Modular?

Cpac Modular are Ireland’s leading modular space provider. We specialise in providing the highest quality space to meet our clients needs; schools, hospitals, private businesses, the pharmaceutical industry, and the high technology sector. We deliver space to enable their work to be done. Our SAFEGATE Hygiene Pod is a direct response to our client’s needs, an extension of our work to enable them to do theirs. In an unsafe world, SAFEGATE Hygiene Pod delivers controlled access management giving reassurance and peace of mind.

Cpac Modular have vast expertise in the design and manufacture of health and hygiene units for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as well as welfare units for a vast array of business sectors. Our SAFEGATE Hygiene Pod is fully finished in our factory prior to delivery to client sites. Installation and setup in a single day gives added protection and the vital reassurance we all need in today’s world.

Why Cpac Modular?
SAFEGATE Hygiene Pod Features

SAFEGATE Hygiene Pod Features

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring technology can be provided to scan individuals in one-second increments; classification is Green – SAFE or Red – STOP. The temperature can be set locally and is relayed in real-time to monitoring personnel.

Hand Sanitation

Pods are available fully plumbed with infer-red hand washing & drying facilities together with infer-red sanitiser dispensers.

Traffic Management

Persons entering are managed by a green/red traffic lighting system – automatic locking functions on the entry doors can also be provided.


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