Stapolin Educate Together National School

Stapolin Educate Together National School

Framework Contract with Department of Education & Skills

This is an education campus that comprises one building for primary school and three separate buildings for post primary school. These consist of classrooms, administration rooms, canteen facilities and toilet facilities along with a large external playground area, bike shelters and scooter pods and a car park.

The Challenge & Goal

The initial very important challenge was meeting the tight timeline to achieve occupancy for the new school year.
With this turnaround time in mind, a Modular Building solution was the best option available.

The Solution

By utilising offsite construction through the BIM process we were able to fast-track design procedures whilst in tandem with offsite manufacturing working along with onsite groundworks.

Phase 1 of the project was delivered to the site and assembled within one day. On completion of assembly, groundworks and landscaping were all completed to achieve full compliancy handover.

• BIM modelling ensured accuracy and fast design approval

• High-quality offsite construction

• Onsite assembly of 1 day per 9 module building units

• Full compliancy handover for the opening of the new school facility

“We were surprised at how easy the entire process was with Cpac Modular. They managed everything from design through planning and even fitout.”

Clodagh Farrell

Principal, Stapolin Educate Together National School.