Griffeen Community College

Griffeen Community College

A Hybrid Modular School

Situated next to a new modern three-storey school, this project required a solution with a complementary look and feel to the existing school. “Grey Box” style pre-manufactured classrooms were simply not on the table from a user or planning perspective.

The Challenge & Goal
Griffeen Community College was designed and built with the end user requirements to the forefront of our consideration. Teaching and circulation spaces exceed DoES minimum guidelines, providing ideal learning spaces for students and teachers.

Accessibility for both ambulant disabled and disabled pupils and staff was designed in at an early stage ensuring facilities such as lifts, ambulant disabled compliant stairs, adequate space for wheelchair turning in rooms and corridors, braille signs on doors, and an induction hearing loop system in the reception area.

The Solution
Our Cpac Hybrid Modular space was built off-site and delivered in 4 days on a live campus environment which suited all stakeholders. Architecturally designed to the highest specification with the look and feel of a ground up build; this project stands as a best in class example of what modern school space provision can be.

  •  40 sections installed in 4 days
  •  11 classrooms over 2 storeys
  •  530 sq m (11,328 sq ft) completed school building

Our new school is built with a Cpac Hybrid Modular process and for us that means a greener, stronger and faster build with all the architectural design and feel of a traditional build.

Griffeen Community College